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Westpac Stadium

Westpac Stadium Tickets

Waterloo Quay, Wellington, NZ 6011, New Zealand

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The main entry points to the walkway is the pedestrian walkway which is approximately 680 metres long. It takes between 5 and 10 minutes to walk the length of the walkway. There are three main access points from Thorndon Quay just north of the railway station, from near Shed 21 on the port and directly from the railway platforms The walkway will take you to the ticket sales booth, turnstiles and security checkpoint. The area between the turnstiles and the main doors to the enclosed public gallery is the plaza.


Finding your Seat - Check your ticket. If you are in aisles 1 to 18 take the left side turnstiles. If your ticket is 19 to 36 take the right side turnstiles. Each ticket has an aisle number, a row letter and a seat number eg Aisle 9, Row N, Seat 302. From the concourse, look for the entry tunnel with your aisle number. Patrons emerge in the seating bowl at Row A. The rows run A to Z above you and AA to NN below you. - All the seats are individual and clearly numbered.