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The Lost Letter Office

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About The Lost Letter Office

Capital E National Theatre for Children with Auckland Live present 


By Jen McArthur and Renata Hopkins 

A young girl Nixie has just moved into the neighbourhood and a retired magician NahNah is back from her world travels. Each alone in their homes, with a longing to write and connect with someone – their letters go on an adventurous journey, making their way to The Lost Letter Office. Can the Lost Letter bumbling sleuths help the letters on their way? Or will their letters be enveloped in their snail-mail chaos forever?  

The Lost Letter Office is a love letter to handwritten letters. Using magic, movement, music and clown performance, it explores how these paper creations can deliver powerful gifts of love. 

Duration: 45 min

NahNah / Stamp Jen McArthur 

Nixie / Pug Johanna Cosgrove 

Postie / Sandy Braedyn Togi