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State Highway 48


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About State Highway 48

After making audiences laugh and cry throughout the North Island, now it’s Auckland’s turn to take part in the magic of this original New Zealand work. 26 original songs make up this classic everyman tale.

“I think to myself, this is going to be a classic”

“Entertaining, impressive, witty”

Join the ride down State Highway 48 as Dave and Sharon, their kids, friends and workmates journey through the treacherous road of middle age. Relationships, friendships, work and family are all put to the test as the black dog of depression takes the driver’s seat in Dave’s life. And as he confronts job loss, marriage breakup and the immense change around him, he gets reminded about the important things in life – friends, family, love.

“This is a musical that has everything” Stuff

Funny, moving and real, State Highway 48 celebrates the extraordinary that’s in ordinary life, reminding us that what’s on the surface often belies the truth of what’s really happening. There’s a message for everyone about communication, facing up to depression, friendship, the importance of the family unit and that love will always shine through.

State Highway 48 was written by Chris Williams.

Director: Geoff Turkington
Creative Producer: Rachael Penman
Musical Director Mark Dennison