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About Sophie


Mysterious London-based producer Sophie has playfully revealed layers of himself with each subsequent release and interview, but his exact identity remains unknown. What's certain is this: Sophie's trap-infused, candy-coated take on dance music is unlike anything else out there -- and fans can't get enough of it. From squelching synths and plasticky beats to rubbery basslines and helium-infused vocal samples, songs like "Bipp" and "Lemonade" are the musical equivalent of a sugar high, lifting ticket buyers up to dizzying heights and leaving them in the clouds with a delicious buzz. At his live performances Sophie is known for flipping the script -- sometimes he even has a decoy stand in for him -- and the result is an anything-can-happen concert experience that's brimming with both dance-worthy tunes and unexpected surprises. 


Sophie emerged on the UK underground scene in 2013 with the effervescent single "Bipp", a cutting-edge dance track that generated significant buzz with its disarming juxtaposition of saccharine high-pitched vocals and buzzing sawtooth synths. As interest around the project swirled Sophie remained tight-lipped about his identity, leaving fans to speculate about the origins of his strikingly unique sound. Since then it has been revealed that Sophie is involved with UK collective PC Music, a largely anonymous group of producers and remixers who are blurring the boundaries between dance music and digital art. He followed up his debut single "Bipp" with a string of leftfield bangers that further established his idiosyncratic sound, including slick underground favorites like "Elle" and "Nothing More to Say". Sophie continued to cause a commotion in 2014 when he had a drag queen stand in for him during his Boiler Room set -- a bold and surprising move that helped cement his status as dance music's latest dark horse.