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Simon Thacker's




Music is a universal language for guitar virtuoso Simon Thacker.

Described as an intercultural musical pioneer, composer and classical guitarist, Thacker leads Ritmata. In this ensemble he is joined by three of Europe’s leading jazz and world music performers – Paul Harrison (piano), Mario Caribe (bass) and Stu Brown (drums/percussion).

Together they source music from every corner of the globe, flitting expertly from Middle-Eastern intensity to medieval meditation, Native American affirmation to Indian ragas, East African rhythms to Spanish flamenco.

Ritmata has been described as an aural experience that transcends musical genres and continents. Featuring soul-stirring improvisation and an emotionally charged compositional style, the Thacker-led Ritmata has some surprises in hand.

To the point: Four-piece musical ensemble/world music/transcends genres and continents/soul-stirring improvisation