Place des Anges

Place des Anges

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As the sun sets over the city, high above the tree tops, angels descend from the heavens.

This is Place des Anges, a playful, awe-inspiring aerial spectacle performed above thousands of people. The one-of-a-kind creation of French company Gratte Ciel commands the twilight sky with an incredible team of acrobats and dancers - suspended high in the air, beneath the stars and out in the open.

Uplifting, ethereal and totally out of this world. Don't miss the outdoor event of the summer: a magical, dreamlike experience you'll remember for eternity.

"Spectacular" -- The Adelaide Review
"Mortgage the house. Sell your possessions. Do anything that makes it possible to see Place des Anges. It is absolutely wonderful." -- The Adelaide Advertiser

This is a standing outdoor performance suitable for all ages. Chairs are not permitted.
Includes the use of sustainably sourced and sterilised feathers.
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