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New Zealand


Described as a “national treasure” and “New Zealand’s most indispensable ensemble” (William Dart, NZ Herald), NZTrio is renowned for its eclectic repertoire, outstanding talent and warm kiwi stage presence. Any preconceptions of classical music being stuffy or intimidating are smashed by edgy repertoire, venue ambiance, and post-concert manaakitanga. Bringing together three incredibly accomplished artists: Amalia Hall (violin), Ashley Brown (cello) and Somi Kim (piano), every NZTrio performance powerfully reaffirms the importance and cathartic nature of a live musical experience in today’s digital world. Expect to be affected.

Note: Triptych 1 to be performed with guest pianist Sarah Watkins.

NZTrio presents: Triptych 1 - Unquiet Dream

Benjamin Britten UK Introduction and Allegro for piano trio

Lera Auerbach Soviet/Austrian/American Trio No. 2 Triptych - This Mirror Has Three Faces

Chris Cree Brown NZ (New work)

Felix Mendelssohn Germany Trio in D minor Op. 49

 Journey through a diverse musical landscape beginning with Benjamin Britten's 'Introduction and Allegro for Piano Trio', a masterpiece that showcases his distinctive harmonic language and rhythmic vitality. Next, immerse yourself in the enigmatic world of Lera Auerbach's 'Trio No. 2 Triptych - This Mirror Has Three Faces', a thought-provoking exploration of reflection, identity, and transformation, structured as a triptych with three distinct movements, each inviting introspection. Adding a touch of Aotearoa is a new work by a talented New Zealand composer Chris Cree Brown. Finally, we conclude with the rich and expressive 'Trio in D minor Op. 49' by Felix Mendelssohn, which beautifully balances classical structure with Romantic lyricism.

Triptych 1 performed with guest pianist Sarah Watkins.

NZTrio presents: Triptych 2 - Untrodden Ways

Felix Mendelssohn Germany Trio in C minor Op. 66 

Reuben Jelleyman NZ / J.S. Bach Büchlein Reimaginings (selections)

Jennifer Higdon US Piano Trio

Arno Babadjanian Armenia Trio in F-Sharp minor 

We begin with Mendelssohn's emotionally charged and passionate 'Trio in C minor Op. 66', considered one of his finest chamber music works. Then NZ composer Reuben Jelleyman, known for his inventive melodies and harmonies, takes inspiration from Bach’s chorales in ‘Büchlein Reimaginings’. Our journey continues with Jennifer Higdon's 'Piano Trio', evoking colours being spread on a canvas through the melodies, harmonies and instruments themselves.  Next, we venture into the rich and passionate realm of Armenia with Arno Babadjanian's 'Trio in F-Sharp minor.' This trio is a compelling masterpiece that resonates with the soulful melodies and profound emotions of Armenian culture.

NZTrio presents: Triptych 3 - Untamed Hope

Fanny Mendelssohn Germany Trio in D minor 

Joan Tower US Trio Cavany 

Eva Bedggood NZ New Work (commissioned by Christopher’s Classics) 

Ethel Smyth UK Trio in D minor

We begin in 19th Century Germany with Fanny Mendelssohn's 'Trio in D minor’, a magnificent work by the renowned German composer. With melodies that soar and emotions that run deep, this piece offers a glimpse into the turbulent emotional landscape of its creator. Next, we venture into the contemporary realm with the power and subtlety of Joan Tower's 'Trio Cavany'. We proudly present a new work by kiwi composer Eva Bedggood, offering a fresh perspective and intrinsically relevant voice. Our musical odyssey concludes with Ethel Smyth's impassioned piano trio, a powerful and evocative composition that showcases the depth of emotions and creative brilliance of the British composer at the beginning of her career.