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NZFOTA - Dimanche (TSB Arena)


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About NZFOTA - Dimanche (TSB Arena)

It’s a typical Sunday. A family is about to spend the day together. But the walls are shaking, strong winds and torrential rain rage outside and the storm has only just begun.    

Meanwhile, three travelling wildlife reporters are doing their best to document the apocalypse. They film, with what little equipment they have, Earth’s last living species: three wild animals on the brink of extinction.    

What is normal in a radically changing world? Dimanche paints a witty and tender portrait of humanity caught out by the uncontrollable forces of nature. “Meticulously made using a skilful mix of mime, video, object and puppet theatre to enchanting effect” (Edinburgh Guide), Belgian creatives Focus & Chaliwaté’s almost wordless performance observes the ingenuity and stubbornness of humans as they go to absurd extremes to keep up a sense of normalcy despite the chaos of an ecological collapse.