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About Ninja Sex Party

Watch out New Zealand! The 80’s style comedy rock band Ninja Sex Party are ‘Going Down (Under)’ this February! The band features Danny Sexbang singing lead vocals and Ninja Brian on the keyboard. Together these best friends are embarking on their debut New Zealand tour.  

At a Ninja Sex Party show, you’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll do battle with mythical creatures. (Please note that concert venue staff are not “mythical creatures.”). And you’ll sing along to “Everybody Wants to Rule the World,” unless you don’t like Tears for Fears — which is kinda weird but hey, you’re invited to the gig, too, Tears for Fears haters. The point is, a Ninja Sex Party show is awesome. 

Maybe the running theme of celebrating the nerds, geeks and outsiders that features throughout Ninja Sex Party’s music explains the devotion of their massive fan base — over 1 million YouTube subscribers and 641,000 Twitter followers strong.  

Hurry, don’t miss this show! You’re in for a wild night!