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Mr Red Light


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About Mr Red Light

Nightsong with Auckland Live present


30 Aug - 22 Sep | Herald Theatre, Aotea Centre 

Absurdly funny and joyfully inventive, Mr Red Light is the latest play by Nightsong, the award-winning team behind Te Pō, Spirit House and 360

It tells the story of Mr Red Light, a man who attracts bad luck. So naturally, when he tries to rob a bank he fails miserably – and ends up in a pie shop dealing with three less-than-compliant hostages and the world’s worst police negotiator. 

As time ticks by, Mr Red Light and his captives play a game of getting to know you. With nowhere to run and nothing to lose, our strangers form an unlikely bond. And mysteriously, Mr Red Light seems to know more about his hostages’ lives than is possible. 

Wild slapstick, the meaning of life, falling in love – suddenly the pie shop is a place where anything can happen. 

Starring Trygve Wakenshaw, Jennifer Ludlam, Richard Te Are, Jess Sayer and Simon Ferry.

Directed by Ben Crowder and Carl Bland.