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Lost Property Rules


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About Lost Property Rules

A playful physical performance using puppetry and object theatre.

I solemnly swear,
To laugh when it's funny and cry when it's sad,
To be scared when it's scary and boo when it's bad,
I swear with all m heart through and through,
The the story told here is completely untrue.

In the Lost Property Box there are rules that must be followed.  Alice and Isobel are lost.  They are about to meet some new friends.  Whether they want to or not, that's another story.

From acclaimed Brisbane playwright Matthew Ryan (Kelly, Sacre Bleu! and boy girl wall) comes a tale of mystery, joy, fear and what it means to be brave.  Under the imaginative direction of Lucas Stibbard (boy girl wall), three performers will weave a quirky story of two young girls about to embark on one of the scariest moments in a young person's life: moving house and moving schools.

The Lost Property Rules by Matthew Ryan
Concept Devised by Louise Brehmer and Matthew Ryan