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Jeremy Loops

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About Jeremy Loops


As his name might suggest, South African folk-pop wunderkind Jeremy Loops is a master of harnessing technology to create sonic tapestries that are larger than the sum of their parts. At his live shows he uses loop pedals and a variety of other effects to layer guitar, ukulele, harmonica, and beatboxing, and the result is stunningly rich folk hybrid that always leaves fans awestruck. Atop the layered riffs and rhythms of songs like "Sinner" and "Down South" floats Loops' unadorned voice, which exists in perfect counterpoint to the complex sonic scaffolding that underpins his unique sound. In concert he's joined by rapper Mother Moleko and multi-instrumentalist James Faull, and the trio's powerhouse sets have earned Loops several live performance awards. With his 2014 album Trading Change still fresh in ticket buyers' minds, Loops spreads his feel-good vibes every time he hits the road on tour. 


Cape Town, South Africa-born Jeremy Loops began making a name for himself in the early '10s with his impressive songwriting and production technique. He released a self-titled EP in 2011 which garnered attention with catchy tracks like "Mission to the Sun" and "Power", but the real buzz came from his electrifying live shows. As his reputation grew he began performing at festivals in Europe and North America, where audiences quickly latched on to his eclectic folk-pop sound. Following extensive touring he made his album debut in 2014 with Trading Change, a critically acclaimed release that led to another round of touring. When he's not recording and performing Loops heads up GreenPop, a nonprofit dedicated to planting trees to reduce carbon emissions.