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About In Living Color Comedy Tour

The In Living Color Comedy Tour On Tour

The pioneering early-1990s sketch comedy series In Living Color made inroads in a lot of ways. Beyond the basic impact of presenting an African-American comedy troupe, the show also introduced the wider world to major talents, from creator Keenen Ivory Wayans to Rosie Perez, Jamie Foxx, David Alan Grier, and Tommy Davidson, though many of them had already met with some previous successes. 

The show itself lasted until 1994, but the comedic spirit it created lived on in the work of its key contributors. So when David Alan Grier and Tommy Davidson reunited to headline the In Living Color Comedy Tour in the ‘10s, they were bringing a lot of history with them. 

Back in the In Living Color days, Grier gained fame for characters like the out-of-control shop teacher, the cantankerous old Mr. Brooks, and the underachieving blues man Calhoun Tubbs Davidson's portrayals of celebrities like Michael Jackson, Sammy Davis Jr., and Sugar Ray Leonard made millions crack up. 

Both Davidson and Grier moved on from there to make their name in a long string of hit shows and films — Davidson in Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls, Booty Call, and Juwanna Mann; and Grier in Jumanji, Blankman, and Amazon Women on the Moon, to name just a few. Each of them also carved out an impressive career in stand-up comedy along the way. 

So when Davidson and Grier brought both of their comedic gifts to the same stage, it turned out to be the answer to the prayers of plenty of fans. Taking that classic combination directly to the people all over the country brought a certain kind of magic back to the comedy world, whether it inspired fond memories of the comics' shared history or simply set the stage for a new string of successes.