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A woman returns with two friends to her parental home. The house is haunted by a tragic family event. None of the group knows what happened to the woman’s older sister. Her vengeful spirit, however, does make itself known to them. In a series of flashbacks, the past gradually re-emerges: the cruel parents, the crushed youth. The youngest sister is brutally confronted with the hidden past. The only way to survive is to face the terrible truth.


Horror is the mastermind work of acclaimed physical theatre maker Jakop Ahlbom, and will see audiences dragged into a surreal world of fright. Using the kind of cinematic horror effects rarely seen in theatre, Ahlbom makes audiences shudder with fear at the seemingly impossible events unfolding before them. Greatly intrigued by such aspects of the horror genre as black humor, slapstick and the fascinatingly, terrifyingly surreal imagery, he is an undisputed expert at using cinematic editing techniques, magic tricks and physical movement in his stage work. His ability to transfer these ideas to stage is lauded, described by The Guardian as ‘a masterclass in time-and-motion stagecraft’.

This is the first time Ahlbom’s work has been presented in Australia. Don’t miss your opportunity to experience a technical tour de force of sinister humour and hardcore horror, guaranteed to entertain and petrify in equal measure.