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Prog rockers Chon marry impressive musicianship to bouncy grooves, promising ticket buyers a live-wire concert experience that's both exciting and intriguingly heady. Six-string shredders Erick Hansel and Mario Camarena take a dizzying tag team approach to their guitars, winding through intricate melodies and jazzy harmonies on standouts like ìDewî, ìFluffyî, and ìBubble Dreamî. Mesmerized ticket buyers canít help but sway in time with the groupís nimble rhythm section, whose booming back beats and complex polyrhythms provide a syncopated backdrop for each instrumental. As Chon pushes the boundaries of prog rock, audiences get to witness guitar virtuosity, creative rhythms, and beautiful harmonies that are just as capable of blowing minds as they are of getting bodies grooving.


While some Southern California teens spend their young lives obsessed with surfing and punk rock, the members Chon spent their days mastering rock instrumentals and learning to melt faces with their impressive chops. The San Diego-based math rockers began working on a self-titled demo in 2008 while playing the local emo and hardcore scene. After a two-year hiatus the young quartet regrouped and released the 2013 EP Newborn Sun. The following year they issued their debut album Grow before touring in support of bands like Circa Survive and Animal as Leaders. The exposure prepared them to undertake their first US headlining tour in 2016, with supporting acts Polyphia and Strawberry Girls. Word  continues to spread about the electrifying energy that Chon bring to the stage and fans canít wait to witness their astonishing technique in the flesh.