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New Zealand’s First Post-Covid Touring Production ‘FOR THE KIDS’


The time has come to have some fun and our children need it most!

Few children’s books have stood the test of time quite like Dr Seuss’s 200 word masterpiece ‘The Cat in the Hat’. As the top selling children’s author of all time, the story is as popular now as it was in the 1950’s when Oxford University educated Theodor ‘Seuss’ Geissel wrote the book. Both children and adults alike are sure to be left in raptures by this zany and imaginative stage show that brings the story to life.

The play was adapted for the stage in 2009 by the National Theatre of Great Britain, and tells the story consistent with the book of a brother and sister, bored at home on a rainy day...(without their Mother!!??) when they are visited by none other than ‘The Cat’ in his red and white striped Hat....(which they let in the door!!??). Their outspoken and outraged pet Fish (yip the fish talks...and is the babysitter!!) is astounded and concerned, but this cat will not be deterred. He will teach us all to make our own fun with nothing but a little imagination. "It's fun to have fun, but you have to know how." Along with his friends, Thing One and Thing Two (Hey we all have those types of friend’s) they turn the house upside down leaving mess everywhere but have no fear because The Cat brings in his red ‘Picker-Up Machine’ and all is back to normal before Mum walks back in the door.

The Cat in the Hat performed a SOLD OUT tour of New Zealand in 2018 and has since 2019 been touring throughout Australia from Townsville to Tasmania including 10 shows in Melbourne’s Athenaeum Theatre. While the production was scheduled to be in China and The Philippines now, the New Zealand based Producers Showcase Entertainment Group have decided to get the ‘show on the road’ back here for the children of New Zealand. Executive Producer Layton Lillas said  ‘Our industry has been at a standstill since early March. We feel a duty to provide quality entertainment to our theatres and their audiences but also to give work back to the people behind the scenes such as our actors and production crew who have also been biding their time. We can’t wait to be back out doing what we do best.’

The production features a full scale set of the house and over 70 props that the cast use to bring to life every detail of the well-known book.

“Absolutely recommended this show 10/10 :) Our kids were mesmerized and it was wonderful seeing such an iconic story of my childhood acted out in such a fun and silly way and getting to see the joy on my children’s faces that the story brought me. Great actors and production, very funny for both the adults and little ones”


Adelaide/ Australia 

“Fantastic show in Griffith today! We all enjoyed it so much and the children couldn't stop laughing. Boys absolutely enjoyed their experience. Highly recommend taking the kids they will love it!”


Griffith/ Australia 

“What an amazing, energetic show! our kids loved every minute. the cast were delightful and made everyone laugh!”