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About Alex G


Indie rocker Alex G combines heart-wrenching honesty and an earnest innocence in his coming-of-age songs. His melancholy melodies and emotional lyrics reveal themes of shyness and alienation, but you'd never know it as he confidently performs songs like “Mary”, “Icehead”, and “Black Hair” in concert. With the addition of off-kilter guitar riffs, shuffling drums, and driving basslines, his touring band helps create a catchy and cathartic space for ticket buyers to rock out. Given his gift for cutting to the emotional core on every song while crafting unforgettable singalongs in the process, Alex G is sure to leave an impact on anyone who witnesses his passion in person.


Multi-instrumentalist Alex Giannascoli was born in 1993 in the Philadelphia suburbs. The youngest of three children in a musical family, he was influenced by his classical pianist brother and a sister who shared her love of Modest Mouse, Radiohead, and Wilco with him. By the age of 13 Alex G was recording his own music using his family’s home computer. Though he played in several high school bands, he realized by 2011 that he worked best alone and released his first online single, “Sandy”. The following year he released the album Trick online and gained praise from a growing internet fanbase. His first physical release came with his 2014 album DSU, after which he formed a full band and went on tour. Alex G continues to climb the ranks of indie rock world by touring with topnotch musicians and turning out stellar recorded material, including 2015’s Beach Music.