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AAF: Are the Arts Essential?

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About AAF: Are the Arts Essential?

Six of New Zealand’s stars of the stage, screen and media come together to debate the value of culture, creativity and the arts. Expect to be both challenged and entertained, as the two teams provoke, pontificate, brag, brawl and banter to make their case. 

These fiery raconteurs will use logic, laughs, wit and charm as they seek to outsmart their opponents. The competition will be heated. Who will crack under the pressure? And more importantly, who will emerge victorious? 

A stellar lineup including comedian, actor and writer Kura Forrester will expertly hash out what role the arts play in our day-to-day lives, and how we would fare without them. 

What is the economic, social and emotional benefit to New Zealand of a flourishing creative sector, and how hard should we fight to ensure it continues to thrive?